BioProcure is Not Your Typical Office Job

BioProcure is a strategic sourcing and procurement services firm. We assist emerging biotech research organizations and the venture capital firms funding them with lab procuring, data entry, and purchase matching.

Our only job is to focus on procurement and front-end AP for our clients and helping them grow and succeed is what we like best!

We recently surveyed BioProcure’s amazing team to see what they thought about working here. Several consistent qualities emerged that accurately describe our environment and work culture.


We love this word and think it really conveys the feeling all of us have working here. Employees feel cared for by upper management and truly love coming to work each day.

This is a company that has dived headfirst into the millennial work mindset and has prioritized the mental wellness of the team.

Strong Teamwork

“My favorite thing about BioProcure is that I feel like I found my ‘place’ in the work realm. I’ve never felt this happy from any other job” – April

Employees viewed the strongest shared values at BioProcure as teamwork, openness, and trust. There’s very open knowledge transparency between the managerial hierarchies, and sharing is encouraged.

People want to help others and new strategies are created through consistent teamwork.

Here, our employees are equally as important as our customers.

Co-workers from all departments are always happy to assist. Many of our staff emphasized how much the team feels like a family.

Open Management

“BioProcure’s leaders focus on developing a strong corporate culture by encouraging employee participation and feedback.” – Johnna

BioProcure’s dynamic culture is created at every level. From the CEO to brand new employees, you will find a very welcoming atmosphere built on personal relationships.

In fact, our CEO, Vincent Bologna, continually encourages this collaboration even as the team grows.

There’s an open-door policy where asking questions, voicing concerns and participating is encouraged. There is peer recognition and reward systems in place to highlight those who excel. No one is above the team.

Customer Focused

“Each team member strives to provide every client with the highest level of service” – Johnna

Although teamwork is critical at BioProcure, the continued focus on the customer is part of our success.

Each employee is committed to delivering top-notch customer service and having positive client interactions.

We enjoy seeing what Biotech companies are discovering and assisting them with their research.

One of our employees came from a food service background and has used those skills to form strong customer rapport and consistently breaks personal records.

Training and Development

“Before coming to BioProcure I did not know what purchasing entailed but have since become a supervisor and have succeeded in the procurement world.” – Taylor

Of course, the work we do is important. Customer service and positive client interactions are always top goals. But it’s also critical for BioProcure to create an environment where employees achieve growth through ongoing learning and development.

When applicable, they’re encouraged to advance their knowledge through certifications in purchasing and best practices. It’s also important to promote from within.

Employees state their personal success is measured in how they can help the company grow on a daily basis. There is no micromanagement, only tools and support that allow each employee to strengthen their ability to serve.

It’s an innovative environment where the work process is always improving. If something fails, that’s seen as an opportunity to learn, adapt and improve.

But most importantly, many commented on our company events, centralized kitchen and dope snacks (yup, someone said that).

In fact, our team is only conflicted on one thing: what animal should be our mascot?  

Answers range from “Buzzy the Bee” since we all work hard together, a honey badger for being tough and fearless, a wolf, or a dog because of its loyalty.

We hope to see you in the kitchen to join us for this debate.

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