RECOVER RESEARCH TIME TO LEARN MORE ACCELERATE DISCOVERY Researchers belong in the lab. Let our team help you get back to doing what’s important. PROCURE-TO-PAY DOWN TO A SCIENCE Our team focuses on the procure-to-pay process so you can save time and money, bring products to market faster, reduce back office headcount, and be audit ready at all times. OUR SERVICES OUR TALENTED & EXPERIENCED TEAM IS HERE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! Backed by decades of experience, our team enables biotech and pharma companies to reach their goals faster, all while saving time and money. VIEW OPEN POSITIONS

Orders Placed


Vouchers Processed


Lab Time Saved


Savings Negotiated



From the incubator space lab startup to the established research organization, BioProcure offers the support you need to elevate your company to the next level.



We complete credit applications, work with new suppliers to establish net terms, fill and file tax exemption certificates with suppliers when appropriate, and more.



Negotiating pricing, placing and tracking orders, and assisting with returns are just some of the ways we alleviate your administrative burden. Our longstanding supplier relationships and industry expertise position us to quickly resolve any order related problems as they arise. We know who to call to get things done, saving your scientists hours on hold with suppliers.



Let our experienced team take care of the three-way match, data entry and vouchering for you. Trust us: you won’t miss waiting on hold to resolve invoice issues, paying for things that weren’t received, or struggling to maintain an organized process.

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Client Feedback

A rapid and clear response to my question which helped me in planning our work.

Jason D.

BioProcure is always quick to respond, offer easy to understand explanations regarding procurement issues, and fixes the issues that I accidentally cause on my end. They are a delight to work with.

Brooke S.

The issue was resolved quickly. Thank you.

Jana H.

The issue was addressed very quickly and effortlessly.

David C.

Great customer service with quick response and question resolution.

Abbie R.

Employees have GREAT attitudes and really were helpful.

Steve L.

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