Clients and Suppliers Alike Appreciate Our Elevated Approach to Simplifying Procurement

When handling Tax Information, it can get very overwhelming very fast. BioProcure makes handling tax forms VERY easy. This a massive help for lab managers like myself that are constantly being pulled in multi directions!! Thank you so much BioProcure!!

Sean C.

The representative that assisted me was very friendly, quickly responsive and helpful in determining the status of my order. BioProcure makes it easier to order things!

Nina C.

The team has been proactively answering any questions we have. If there is any backorder, those are communicated in a timely manner. Alissa has been incredible with her responses!

Priyanka N.

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the team’s quick response to our request, even on the last day of the year. It’s not often that you come across such efficient and dedicated customer service, and it’s greatly appreciated. The order was out within 30 min, and it made a big difference in helping us to receive 20% end-of-year discount and saved $12K in an order. Thank you to the team for going above and beyond in your efforts to support us.

Eli Z.

BioProcure team handles all sourcing and coordination work which was otherwise is very time consuming. Additionally, the team helped us to cancel orders or make changes to existing orders and the process was usually very smooth with BioProcure.

Mayur P.

BioProcure is a great ‘bridge’ between us and vendors, the team always responds to our inquiries promptly, vendors seem to respond to BioProcure’s request quickly. which definitely makes our job much easier regarding item/reagent orders.

Shaobin W.

Alyssa was highly communicative and provided transparency into the vendor’s issue. She made sure that the vendor reissued a replacement and followed up to make sure that the replacement arrived. I appreciated her persistence, as the vendor was not prompt in their responses and my own attention to stay focused on this issue was often diluted by other concerns.

Crystal S.

Great service!

Stephen C.

I only had to ask once and I got a answer within a day

Bryan T.

My issue was resolved quickly.

Vangie S.

Shayna clearly provided the required information to initiate the return.

Customer Relations – ThermoFisher

The purchase order was adjusted in a timely manner.

Melissa C.

My concern was handled quickly and without issue.

Christa O.

Prompt and fast action.

Michail S.

Fast response and issue resolved with a single email.

Tiffany V.L.

Very fast response!

Matthew B.

The BioProcure team is always courteous and helpful.

Erin S.

Sent request yesterday and got account set up today. Very fast and easy process.

Nianzhen L.

Maria has helped me not only in this incidence, but many more in the past. She is very helpful, communicative, and quick! Thank you, Maria 🙂

Tiffany L.

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