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Growing a successful biotech company involves intricate teamwork between research, finance, and venture partners. BioProcure® brings substantial value to each function.

The 2023 Numbers Are In And They Are Better Than Ever.

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Are you ready to unlock cost savings and reclaim valuable lab time? Explore how BioProcure’s solutions can elevate your efficiency and lower your costs.

Placing orders, negotiating pricing, and following up on tracking and returns are our specialties. Our procurement specialists gather quotes and negotiate savings, assist with returns and replacements, and communicate seamlessly with scientists to work as an extension of your company. You’ll get the best possible deal (no matter the size of your organization) thanks to our longstanding supplier relationships and a large amount of umbrella spending. If you’ve got a contract in place for super discounting, no problem! Your company always gets the best price.

Let our experienced A/P team take care of the three-way match, data entry, and voucher for you. Trust us: you won’t miss waiting on hold to resolve invoice issues, paying for things that weren’t received, or struggling to maintain an organized process. Our proven method ensures that you are always audit-ready.

We complete credit applications and work with suppliers to establish net terms with each new supplier, complete and file tax exemption certificates with suppliers when appropriate, assist with company name changes and relocations by communicating with suppliers to update account information, and much more!

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