Bioprocure and Prendio clients among Labiotech’s “The Twelve Hottest Biotech Companies in the Boston area”

We’re pleased to congratulate five of our clients for their well-deserved recognition as they are named to Labiotech’s “Twelve Hottest Biotech Companies in the Boston Area”!


 Akouos Inc. - MassBio



Akouos, established in 2016, develops gene therapies for hearing loss using adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector-based techniques. Acquired by Eli Lilly for $487 million in December 2022, Akouos signifies a growing interest in genetic therapies, particularly for previously untreatable conditions like hearing loss, with its primary candidate AK-OTOF targeting mutations in the otoferlin gene.


Approach | Cellarity

Cellarity, established in 2017 by Flagship Pioneering, employs a unique approach to drug discovery, centering on cellular behaviors rather than individual molecular targets. Through computational modeling and machine learning, Cellarity aims to understand and address diseases by deciphering complex cellular functions, with recent collaborations indicating a focus on developing therapies for metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) and other cardiometabolic diseases.



Neumora Therapeutics creates precision medicine for challenging neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. With substantial funding and a focus on Data Biopsy Signatures, derived from diverse data sources, Neumora aims to develop targeted therapies, exemplified by its lead candidate Navacaprant, currently in phase 3 trials for depression.


Orna Therapeutics Launches with over $100M Raised to Develop a New Class of Fully Engineered Circular RNA Therapies


Orna Therapeutics pioneers circular RNA therapies with its innovative oRNA approach, backed by a significant $221 million series B financing round. Leveraging self-circularizing circular RNAs, Orna aims to revolutionize RNA therapeutics, particularly in cancer treatment, with promising preclinical results paving the way for clinical trials of its lead isCAR program in 2024.



Sail Biomedicines, is a result of the merge of Laronde and Senda Biosciences. They take an innovative approach to RNA therapeutics. Sail aims to leverage Senda’s natural nanoparticle platform and Laronde’s enduring eRNA technology to drive advancements in drug development.

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