Get to Know the BioProcure Sourcing Committee

Since 2007 the team at BioProcure has been committed to assisting research organizations worldwide with their procurement processes, ensuring they have access to the resources they need while maximizing cost savings.

To further this goal, our procurement department leaders have assembled a specialized team to help scientists source alternatives for items that are backordered, out of stock, or discontinued. In this blog post, Procurement Support Manager Sean Loughran shines a spotlight on the BioProcure Sourcing Committee. Read on to learn who they are and how this select team of specialists is helping to empower scientists during these challenging times.

When Was the Sourcing Committee Established?

“The Sourcing Committee was created at the peak of COVID, when our clients were experiencing some pretty serious supply chain issues,” Sean Loughran shared. “And unfortunately, we’re certainly still seeing some issues—maybe with a little less frequency than before, but we haven’t recovered to where things were before the start of 2020. Having this team of experts ready to help in times like these can make a huge difference to busy scientists and lab managers.”

How Does the Sourcing Committee Help BioProcure Clients Avoid Costly Research Delays?

When the BioProcure procurement team is placing an order and comes across an item that is backordered or otherwise unavailable, they reach out to the Sourcing Committee for help. From the start of the process communication with the end user is prompt, clear, and open, which keeps everyone involved informed and up to date. With the end user’s input, the Sourcing Committee prioritizes the search for alternatives to any backordered items by date needed, classifying high urgency items as those needed in 24 hours or less, and lower urgency items as anything needed in 72 hours of less. Armed with an extensive supplier relationship network and an expert-level understanding of the industry, this team of procurement specialists snaps into action to quickly present a selection of available alternate items that might best fit the needs of the requester.

For the 33 requests handled by the Committee this past June, the match rate—the rate at which the team was able to source an exact alternate or acceptable substitute—was an impressive 88%.

Who Are the Experts on The BioProcure Sourcing Committee?

The Sourcing Committee consists of a dedicated team of Procurement Specialists, led by two Procurement Supervisors and headed up by Sean Loughran, the BioProcure Procurement Support Manager. All together, the team has a combined 21 years of experience procuring goods and services for scientists and researchers in the biotech space!

When a fellow procurement team member encounters delays or difficulties with an order that they aren’t sure how to handle, they know they can count on the Sourcing Committee to help them research and present an acceptable solution.

“We have a really great team in place,” Loughran reiterates. “They really, truly care about the clients. They care about BioProcure. They care about their fellow employees. I believe having that kind of a team in place is why we’ve seen so much success in recent years. I’ve been with BioProcure for nearly a decade now, and of course we’ve seen lots of growth and development since I started, but I would say that over the last two years things have really picked up here, especially when COVID hit. As always, we are looking for ways to improve, but we are certainly on the right path. I think, for us, and certainly for our clients, the sky’s the limit.”

To learn more about how BioProcure helps research organizations succeed, read about The Top Three Ways Outsourced Procurement Saves Businesses Money, then Contact Us to request your free consultation.

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