Why Hire Procurement Services

Companies small and large make the business decision to hire firms to do procurement services for them. Good procurement strategies are often what sets apart profitable companies from struggling ones.

Procurement requires a unique level of knowledge on market trends, cost saving, and compliance. A strong procurement outsourcer can leverage its expertise and relationships to cut costs and increase efficiency.

The first step in identifying the best decision for your business is to understand why outsourcing procurement services is often a better alternative to having your own staff do the work.

  • Experience. Professionals who offer procurement services are just that: professionals. They are experienced and know how to effectively negotiate and use sourcing strategies to get the best deal. They understand the market and know the proper prices for the goods and services you’re looking for.
  • Cost reduction. Upon hiring a procurement team, you will have the opportunity to help them understand the goals of your business. Throughout this process, they will analyze your current suppliers and the quality of your materials. Procurement professionals use their strong understanding of operational costs to offer advice regarding how to get the highest quality materials for your budget, and show you areas where you can save money.
  • Supplier relationships. Procurement professionals can help you find better suppliers to reach your inventory and business goals. Many procurement companies have established relationships with suppliers, which can guarantee you the best deal and a long-term relationship with reliable suppliers. For example, our long list of qualified Preferred Partners allows us to expedite our clients’ orders and guarantee high quality results.

Often, business owners and leaders are left to rely on a lab consultant, scientist, or an administrative person to handle some of the most important aspects of their organization. Hiring procurement professionals ensures seamless coverage; no vacation lapses or sick days will affect your pipeline of vital products.

Founded in 2007, BioProcure offers strategic sourcing and procurement services. The company’s mission is to assist emerging biotech research organizations by offering affordable services designed to streamline the procure-to-pay process, implement internal controls and ensure preparedness for the audit process. We optimize savings and accelerate order transaction time. This alleviates delays in the discovery process allowing scientists to spend more time in the lab focusing on research.

Trust the professionals whose only job and focus is procurement and front-end AP. Contact us for a one-on-one meeting to discuss how we can consolidate your procurement and front-end AP and help your business grow.

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