BioProcure New Employee Spotlight – A Conversation with Accounts Payable Support Specialist Ashely Rossi

Welcome aboard, Ashley!  Thank you for allowing us to interview you today.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Ashley Rossi. I grew up in Billerica, but I am currently living in Lowell with my boyfriend Chris and our cat Chili. I enjoy being outside and playing basketball. I love to go camping, and I like spending the day at the beach, but I can also appreciate a nice day at home, just relaxing.

What did you do for work before joining the team here at BioProcure?

Before I got the job at BioProcure, I was working at Olive Garden in Leominster. I believe my time there taught me a lot about how to work well in a team environment and give great customer service! I was there for a little over 3 years, and I felt as if it was time for my next challenge!

What were you most looking forward to when you first joined the team?

I am a huge people person, so I was excited to build relationships, not just with our customers, but with my co-workers as well. I was also looking forward to starting something new, fresh, and different!

What’s been your favorite part of working for BioProcure so far?

So far?  I’d have to say it’s the people.  Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, it made starting a new job feel much easier. I also love how busy the company is– there is always something to do, which makes the day fly by!

We love that you’re a people person, Ashley!  And speaking of people: if you could have lunch with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

If I could have lunch with any famous person, dead or alive, it would probably be Anne Frank. When I first read The Diary of Anne Frank, I have to say it was the first book I actually took interest in. If I had the chance to hear her story in person, it would be life changing for me. It was the first book I picked up and read again for a second time. Her courage in itself was what made me love her. It also sparked my love for literature, leading me to major in English Lit. in college.

What is one goal, either personal or professional, that you are striving toward?

I am striving for growth, both personally and professionally. At my last job I felt as if I was at a standstill, not able to move up or progress because they “needed my strength” in the position I was in. When I feel like that, my motivation starts to deplete. So that’s what I’m mainly striving towards: being in a positive place to work and grow, along with a challenge.

At BioProcure, we work hard every day to support scientists on their mission to make new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.  What do you consider to be the greatest scientific discovery of all time?

I would have to say the light bulb—I don’t like the dark!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us and with our social media followers?

I’ve been here about 4 weeks now, and I can already say that I love working at BioProcure! The environment is amazing, everyone is so friendly, and I feel as if it really is one big family. All the planned events and picnics make you realize that this company truly does care about their employees and their happiness. It feels like its going to be an amazing place to work!

Thank you for saying so, Ashley!  BioProcure is that much more of a great place to work now that you’re a part of the family.  Once again, welcome, and thank you for participating in this BioProcure new employee interview!

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