Our Team

Our talented & experienced team is here to make your life easier!

We are a group of individuals brought together by our can-do attitudes and intense focus on customer service. Backed by decades of experience, our team enables biotech and pharma companies to reach their goals faster, all while saving time and money.
If you’d be interested in joining our incredible team, check out our Careers page.

Operations Team

  • Vincent Bologna

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Laura Stack

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Nick Day

    Vice President of Finance and Operations

  • Jim Bukartek

    Director of Client Technical Services

  • Andrew Orndorff

    Director of Finance and Accounting

  • Tyler Mizenko

    Business Development Manager

  • Phil Rea

    Facilities/IT Manager

  • Laurie Martin

    Sr. Manager HRIS, Benefits & Compliance

  • Kara Rea

    Marketing Manager

  • Rick LeShore

    Senior Financial Analyst

  • Tom Lovell

    Senior Accountant

Purchasing Team

  • Ellen Faria

    Purchasing Manager

  • Sean Loughran

    Purchasing Manager

  • Lindsay Gross

    Purchasing Supervisor

  • Brianna O’Brien

    Purchasing Supervisor

  • Abigail Ross

    Purchasing Supervisor

  • Andrew Thomas

    Purchasing Supervisor

  • Ashleigh Howland

    Strategic Account Lead

  • Juliana Dahmer

    Sr. Purchasing Specialist

  • Zach Palmer

    Sr. Purchasing Specialist

  • Tim Stack

    Sr. Purchasing Specialist

  • Johnna Worob

    Sr. Purchasing Specialist

  • Alissa Cayabyab

  • Gina Cloutier

  • Cameron Craig

  • Alyssa DeVincent

  • Julianne DeWitt

  • Rebecca Dudics

  • Nicole Femino

  • Derek Forti

  • Lauren Gross

  • Philip Kimmell

  • Thomas Kimmell

  • Christine Maillet

  • Jessica Mearls

  • Cara Michalik

  • Kelly Moloney

  • Agatha Nikolaou

  • Courtney Nunes

  • Christine Olesen

  • Adriana Roman

  • Andrew Thornell

  • Aaron West

  • Meghan Wilson

Accounting Team

  • Jay Guazzaloca

    Accounts Payable Support Manager

  • Morgan Moyette

    Accounts Payable Support Manager

  • Mike Casey

    Accounts Payable Support Supervisor

  • Christina Hem

    Accounts Payable Support Supervisor

  • Sean Horton

    Accounts Payable Support Supervisor

  • Cori Onaga

    Accounts Payable Support Supervisor

  • Claire Buckley

    Strategic Account Lead

  • Anthony Ansaldi

  • Chris Ansaldi

    Chris Ansaldi

  • Lauren Cruikshank

  • Anthony DeLucia

  • Gianna Ferrecchia

  • Vanessa Finethy

  • Kyle Heitmiller

  • Lindsey Higgins

  • Aidan Ingalls

  • Crystal Lundberg

  • Scott Mearls

  • Ashley Rossi

  • Ryan Santarpio

  • Erin Shalvey

  • Samantha Simcox

  • Daniel Simons

  • Diandra Valentin

  • Craig Weiman

Customer Support Team

  • Matt Piekos

    Customer Support Manager

  • Bianca Beaulieu

  • Jenna Cronin

  • Marissa Foti

  • Brendan Nichols

  • Chris Rubin

Office Dogs

  • Charlie Brown

  • Honey BooBoo

  • Brady Frederick

  • Chatham Kennedy